Do you think Scotty McCreery will win 'American Idol' this year? He's been moving forward very strongly on Season 10 of the popular singing competition so far, and we're going to go on record and say that we think the young country singer has a very strong chance of winning it all. Too early to make that call, you say? Well, scroll down and check out our five reasons why Scotty McCreery will win 'American Idol.'

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    He's Got the Country Lovers' Vote All to Himself

    One very important thing McCreery has in his favor is that he pretty much has the country field all to himself on 'American Idol' this season. Sure, a couple of the girls have covered Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes songs, but for the most part the other finalists are doing pop, rock or R&B tunes. It's possible this might cause them to cancel each others' votes out, to McCreery's benefit.

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    He's Choosing to Cover Classic Songs by Great Artists

    McCreery has smartly chosen to perform popular country songs such as Lee Ann Womack's 'I Hope You Dance,' Josh Turner's 'Long Black Train' and 'Your Man,' and John Michael Montgomery's 'Letter From Home' on 'American Idol.' But he really brought out the big guns this week by taking on Garth Brooks' 'The River.' We're sure that you can count on more great country songs to come from McCreery in coming weeks.

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    He Incites Memorable Reactions From Judge Steven Tyler

    Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has turned out to be a charismatic 'American Idol' presence -- and he's extremely supportive of McCreery so far. This week he told him, "You did the Garth justice. You were brilliant tonight." Earlier in the competition, after Scotty performed 'Letters from Home,' Tyler said "I don't think you could have picked a better song. That was so beautiful." And who could forget his bizarre "f--- a duck and see what hatches" response?

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    Hearing a Josh Turner-Sized Voice Come Out of a Kid That Small Is Impressive

    With his boyish looks and slight frame, McCreery looks like the kid who should be asking "paper or plastic?" in a high voice while he bags your groceries. (And, well, he sort of was. It just so happens that his pre-'Idol' gig was at Lowes Foods.) So imagine the judges' surprise when he first unleashed a big, booming voice, completely worthy of his hero Turner, on 'American Idol.' It's an audio-visual mismatch that makes 'Idol' a must-watch show each week.

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    Country Music Is Way Overdue for an 'American Idol' Win

    It's been almost six years since Carrie Underwood was chosen as the winner of the fourth season of 'American Idol,' the only time a country artist has triumphed to date. And McCreery is far more traditional sounding than the pop-leaning Underwood. So, isn't it time to get an honest-to-goodness, deep-voiced, cowboy-hat wearing heartland hero up on the winner's list?