Shania Twain overcame some major obstacles on her way to country music superstardom. One could even say she rose to the top of the country ranks because of what she had to get through growing up in Ontario. However, she was a successful singer before signing with Mercury and meeting Mutt Lange.

From her first recording to her first album to the little-known-fact about her most successful album, this gallery reveals 10 things only the singer's most dedicated fans know. If you flip through the gallery and say "I already knew all of that," take the rest of this minute to gloat. Seriously! Prop your feet up and enjoy it.

The rest of us will learn about the superstar's first gigs, recordings and nicknames. You'll also learn how close she came to not getting out of the hospital alive. Of course you may have a fact that stumps us — if so, share it in the comments section below.

50-year-old Twain is wrapping up her final major tour with shows scheduled through the fall. She's also rumored to be working on new music, although she hasn't shared any details.

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