Not only is Sheryl Crow a Grammy Award-winning artist, she's also a cook! The health-conscious singer will release a cookbook called 'If It Makes You Healthy' -- a spin on her huge 1996 hit, 'If it Makes You Happy' -- this March.

Admittedly, Crow says she's not really a gourmet chef. "I'm not that comfortable in the kitchen. I'd much rather be in the studio," she reveals to Eater, adding that the cookbook is a co-write with her personal chef, Chuck White, who has been working with her since she began treatment for breast cancer in 2006.

Crow adds, "It's great to have recipes that even I can cook. The most concern for me is putting things into my body that are about wellness, and about fortifying my immune system -- and they're about good taste and simple recipes."

'If It Makes You Healthy' is a 125-recipe compilation of health-nut friendly, 'rock 'n' roll flavored' meals, arranged seasonally. The book will hit bookstore shelves on March 29.