One minute she's serving sandwiches at the Beatty Street Grocery, the next she's protected by an entourage, sashaying the streets of Nashville in high heels and a revealing mini. That's a scenario the parents of 18-year-old 'American Idol' contestant Skylar Laine are asking God to protect the singer from.

It doesn't seem like Ed and Mary Haden have much to worry about. The down-to-earth country girl from Brandon, Miss. has already made the Top 10 -- guaranteeing her a spot on next summer's tour -- but still makes mama her first phone call after every show.

"One thing I've told her is, 'Watch your language' and 'I'd better not see one of those American Idol bubbles pop up to hide a dirty word coming from you,'" Mary Harden told the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger. "You're representing your family, your church, your town and your state.'"

The family grocery is enjoying a business boom since Laine left for Hollywood to become the next Reba McEntire. Mary Harden says it's become a tourist destination. "We've had people come in here from Texas, Arkansas, Florida. Sometimes they don't even buy anything, they just look around."

"We had one little boy from Petal who came up to spend spring break week with his dad," she adds. "His first request was to see Skylar Laine's family store."

This week, the remaining 'American Idol' contestants will be asked to sing Billy Joel songs. Laine has not been in the bottom three yet, and USA Today called her a contestant who's "safe for now." But that doesn't mean stop voting!