In the middle of a 40-hour work week, a trip to Mexico sounds pretty sweet. Certain country songs can take you there -- at least for a few minutes. These five tracks are all about the lifestyle south of the border. The beach, the sunshine, the strong rum drinks, the girls, and maybe even the outlaw lifestyle ... there's more than one reason to make this getaway a reality. 

Scroll though this list and then share what song about Mexico you think should have made the Top 5. At the end, be sure to check out what could be your dream vacation to Mexico. Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand is a four-night country music getaway which includes music from four big-time hitmakers and a stay at the brand new, first class Hard Rock Hotel.

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    'Stays in Mexico'

    Toby Keith

    Steve and Gina's weekend-long affair in Cabo Wabo suggests that Mexico is some sort of place to do things you otherwise wouldn't. How absurd! OK, the tropical paradise can be like Vegas on steroids. Toby Keith's peppy song from 2004 might cross a few moral lines not normally crossed in country music. It celebrates the short-time romance, but in the end, everything wor-- ... actually, in the end they wind up in an airport closet behaving like teenagers. OK, this video falls under the "don't try this at home" warning.

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    'That's Why God Made Mexico'

    Tim McGraw

    This album cut from Tim McGraw's 'Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors' album describes Mexico as the ultimate getaway ... for spouses treated like yesterday's garbage. Margie, Roy, Betty and Joe have serious marital issues, which are solved when one half of each couple disappears for awhile (or forever). "And that's why God made Mexico / A place where we can lay low," McGraw sings. Agreed.

    Curb Nashville
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    'Seashores of Old Mexico'

    George Strait

    George Strait plays an old-timer with a checkered past in this great music video from an underrated song. The singer rarely sounds more relaxed than on this well-written 2006 Merle Haggard cover. It failed to crack the Top 10, but easily makes the Top 5 on this list.

    MCA Nashville
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    'Beer in Mexico'

    Kenny Chesney

    Kenny Chesney paints a brilliant picture of the life and landscape of Mexico in this hit song, which is one of his best ever. He's said to have written it in Cabo San Lucas. There are worse places to go to find inspiration. The 2007 cut is the only one on this list to reach No. 1 on the charts, but there is one song we like just a little bit better...

    BNA Nashville
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    'Playboys of the Southwestern World'

    Blake Shelton

    Talk about an under-appreciated song! Blake Shelton's 2003 tune came during the slowest period of his career, and only peaked in the Top 30. But this great storytelling song is one his best. The troublemakers begin stateside before venturing south of the border to "Chase senoritas and drink ourselves silly / Show them Mexican girls a couple of real hillbillies." It almost makes you want to go get arrested, just to be able to share a similar story.

    Warner Bros.