Sports teams are doing it. Supermodels are doing it. Scotty McCreery's doing it. Everybody's doing the Harlem Shake. The craze has gone viral, slowly making its way to country music.

Reportedly, this video is what happens when the Zac Brown Band production crew decides to combine Southern Ground artists and Zamily (aka the band's loyal fan club) for a rip-roaring good time of Harlem shaking.

If you look closely at the dancing frontman, he may resemble someone from Blackberry Smoke, don't you think? With an over-the-top ensemble of sunglasses, cowboy hat, and a million flashing lights, it's a little difficult to tell that it's Charlie Starr. But if the band breaks out in the crazy dance during the 2013 Taste of Country Music Festival this summer, it will pretty much be confirmed.

Who else would you like to see do the Harlem Shake?