Sometimes, slip happens! The best country stage falls involve slips, rolls, tumbles and one drop from about 10 feet. Don't worry, everyone was (mostly) OK after taking the plunge.

In fact, most of these artists even willing to joke about it after it happened. Scotty McCreery's "epic fall" and Brad Paisley's "drop and roll" make this list of the best falls since the invention of YouTube. Carrie Underwood, Jake Owen and Luke Bryan (twice!) are a few others who proudly took ownership of their gaff.

Luke Bryan Shows How to Own Your Mistake

Luke Bryan played Greensboro, N.C. in February 2014, and took a stumble while trying to hop to a platform while playing his guitar. The fall is hardly spectacular, but his response is something to behold. He spends a minute celebrating and laughing about the misstep, making this video a ton of fun to watch.

Carrie Underwood's 'Mad Ninja Skills'

That's how one fan described the 'Blown Away' singer's fall in 2013. Underwood ended up in a walking boot, but nothing was broken.

Scotty McCreery on Ice

He's fallen and he just ... can't ... get ... up. OK, who waxed the stage just before McCreery's show in Iowa?

Justin Moore's Second Helping

This is the second time Moore fell during just one show in Missouri. He was a little sore the next day, but promised he wasn't drinking, despite the video evidence that suggests otherwise.

Taylor Swift's Slip

It's such a confident strut until ... womp! The show still goes on, however. Hey, she's a professional.

Keith Urban

It all happened so casually. Keith Urban ends a song, hands off his guitar and makes his way to the front of the stage and down a ramp, when -- BOOM! Thankfully, there was no shortage of fans there to catch him!

Jake Owen Takes a Ride

The 'Days of Gold' singer makes everything look like fun, including falling on your butt while opening for Keith Urban.

Too Much Shakin' for Luke Bryan

The up close and personal nature of this video either makes it the best or worst on this list, depending on how much you like close-up shots of the 'Drink a Beer' crooner's midsection. The fall is tremendous, as is the recovery.

Dierks Bentley's Somersault

"First time in the building," Bentley says after taking this head-over-heels tumble. We give his gymnastic skills a perfect 10!

The Farm's Krista Marie Can't Quite Reach

This actually looks painful, but the singer seems to have shaken off the fall. The trio posted this embarrasing video to their YouTube channel. What a good sport.

Brad Paisley's Belly Flop

And the Best Stage Fall in Country Music goes to Brad Paisley for this stage dive! Actually, it's more of a stage flop that likely left him picking shreds of guitar out of his chest and belly.

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