Country fans will likely recognize a few faces on the upcoming season of 'The Amazing Race.' Former Stealing Angels bandmates Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne have joined the cast of the popular reality show, which is celebrating an impressive 22 seasons on the air.

The two are no longer making music together, but both hope the traits of their famous family members kick into gear once the race begins. "My grandpa is John Wayne. Hopefully I got a little bit of his toughness," admits Wayne (quote via CBS).

"I love adventure and charting new courses," adds Cutbirth, a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. The Texas native shares genes with the famous pioneer, but confesses she may not share the same knowledge in survival tactics. "Sometimes I just go in the wrong direction," she jokes.

The beautiful blondes also hope their years on the road together as part of Stealing Angels will be to their advantage during the grueling trek. The new season will find the contestants traveling 30,000 miles through nine countries on five different continents. Challenges include skydiving from 10,000 feet in Bora Bora, participating in a Shemozzle race in New Zealand, hunting for scorpions with the Bushmen of Botswana and scaling the treacherous north face of the Eiger Mountain in Switzerland.

"We've traveled a lot together. We know how to live together and get along," says a confident Cutbirth. "Most people might self destruct. Not us."

Adding to her partner's thoughts, Wayne says, "Being in a band, we have been together non-stop, 24-7 for years. I think we're used to being together in close quarters with no space. Knowing which buttons to push and which not to push."

Fans can tune in to CBS on Feb. 17 at 8PM ET to find out if country camaraderie helps or hinders the ladies during the Season 22 premiere of 'The Amazing Race.'

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