When your grandma has had one of the best and long-lived marriages of all time, it's a little hard to not want to turn to her for marriage advice as you plan your very first wedding. For Tayla Lynn, one third of the hot girl trio Stealing Angels, her situation was no different ... other than the fact that "Grandma" is country music legend Loretta Lynn.

The younger Lynn recently went to Memaw's ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. for a visit and decided to ask her for words of wisdom as she plans her wedding, which is set to take place in Italy in the springtime.

"I went up there and she said, 'Honey, you’re getting old … I’m worried about you having babies,'" Lynn tells Taste of Country, laughing as she recalls the conversation with her iconic grandmother. "I said, 'Every time I come up here, you want to talk about music or something, and now you’re worried about me having babies?' She had five cats running around her when she said it. I said, 'Thank you, Memaw.' I think she thinks I’m running out of time to have babies [laughs]. I told her I would just freeze some eggs!"

Lynn became engaged to her boyfriend Jon Finger back in August after only two months of dating. "I’m so in love," gushes Lynn, who said the wedding is planned for April 2012. "It’s so exciting ... I have the best fiancé in the world!"

In music related news, Lynn and her fellow Angels -- Jennifer Wayne and Caroline Cutbirth -- have just released a new single to country radio, 'Little Blue Sky.' Click here to purchase the song on iTunes.

Listen to 'Little Blue Sky'

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