Steel Magnolia's male half, Joshua Scott Jones, gives way to fiance Meghan Linsey on 'Bulletproof,' the new single from the duo's self-titled debut album. It's the first time Linsey has gotten to lead a song, although the lyrics were pretty evenly split on 'Last Night Again.' She makes the most of the opportunity, even as she's forced to work around some clumsy production.

'Bulletproof' is a tough, self-pitiless anthem for anyone looking to forever flush the memory of an ex-lover. The words are specific to a woman's plight, but it's certainly possible for a man to wear the message as a shield on his chest. The song is the place we all hope to reach during our weakest, most vulnerable steps toward emotional recovery.

"Went and got my hair cut / Got a tattoo / Nothin' lady-like / Wasn't even thinking' 'bout you / Cause I'm bulletproof," Lindsey sings during the first verse. But it's during the chorus that one begins to feel the full weight of her punch:

"Well I can stand in the middle of a thunderstorm / Holding a lightning rod on your roof / This could never shatter me / Don't smother me with sympathy / What makes you think I'm not over you / Oh I'm bulletproof."

The instrumentation surrounding the vocals makes this song feel a bit crowded, however. The melody isn't instantly hummable, and that's fine; not every song needs to instantly burn into our brain like a radio jingle. To really appreciate the story behind 'Bulletproof,' one has to really focus (and maybe even Google the lyrics), because the rest of the song is just too noisy. It's like a great painting by Picasso, hung from a wall plastered with purple, green and gold zig-zag wallpaper.

The bridge goes, "Yeah your boys lined up / Kiss me for a quarter / I'll be a freak show, hero / Shoot me down if you wanna' / Cause this fragile little girl's / Got a new suit of armor."

The remedy is to listen to the song three or four times, but sadly not every song gets that chance. Steel Magnolia deserves it however, as they are truly one of the more unique bands in the format today.

Listen to Steel Magnolia's 'Bulletproof'