Steel Magnolia's Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey are a couple and a band, and they just might be getting married next year. They've even set a date for their possible wedding: July 10, 2012. Weddings are massive undertakings requiring tons of planning, so let's hope the coy couple nails down that desired date and conquers their chronic procrastination.

"I'd like to do it next year on my birthday, July 10," Jones told Country Weekly while in Los Angeles for the band's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Linsey isn't quite so sure that a mid-summer date is her preference, though, even if it is her beloved's birthday. She is actually being practical.

"We were thinking about it. We're going to see,” she says. "See, he just thinks July 10 because of his birthday and I'm going, 'Well, do you know if it's a Saturday? Is it a Tuesday?' He doesn’t think about those things." Well, most men don't consider such details.

Oh and by the way, Meghan and Josh, July 10, 2012 is indeed a Tuesday.

Jones put his great grandmother's antique ring on Linsey's finger nearly five years ago, after almost two years of dating, but Linsey wears it on her middle finger instead of her ring finger -- breaking tradition simply because the rock is too big. "We're technically engaged," she said. "He's waited so long that he’s going to have to re-ask." Who knew?

So if you ever wondered if Steel Magnolia would split because Linsey and Jones might break up, fear not. They are in it for the long haul and have been an item since before they won 'Can You Duet.'

Jones chalked the lengthy engagement up to both of them being "bad procrastinators." They almost tied the knot in Vegas for the ACMs. "We went to dinner and we're sitting there with our friends. We’re like,'We should just go get married. Why not?'" Linsey recalled. But feasting and full bellies rendered them sleepy, so they decided to wait it out.

Well, even if they don't have the date confirmed just yet, congratulations to the couple!

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