Stephanie Quayle's road-tripping song "Winnebago" is progressive nostalgia. The upbeat, carefree country jam speaks of a freedom we all crave at some point.

With an open road ahead of her and stars above her head every night, Quayle's newest single inspires you to drop everything and leave for the mountains — or at the very least knock off work 30 minutes early. Those who demand a porcelain toilet and an indoor temperature set at a perfect 72 on warm summer nights aren't going to get this song. The Montana native is singing to the risk-taker, the adventurer and the country fan that would rather breathe in clean mountain air than dust particles through an aluminum duct.

"Winnebago" is not poetry, but Quayle's free expression hooks you just the same. The pop-friendly track will surely sound good as she's touring this summer.

Did You Know?: This summer Quayle is touring via Winnebago. Her tour includes a stop at CMA Fest in June.

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Stephanie Quayle's "Winnebago" Lyrics:

Don't you wanna see more than this / How 'bout we blow this town a good bye kiss / Don't you wanna get out of here / How 'bout we leave our troubles in the rear view mirror / I got a little bit of cash saved up / Just a little bit of change in my coffee cup / It ain't a lot but baby it's enough / We're gonna ride on, ride on up.

Hop on in to my Winnebago / We're gonna go wherever the wind blows / Watch the world fly by out the window / Wherever we are, we're already at home / North to south, coast to coast come on / Wherever these wheels go / So hop on in to my Winnebago / Let's go.

We're camp on out on the open road from Buffalo all the way to Tupelo / You've never seen the Hoover Damn before, we'll take a polaroid picture under Mount Rushmore / I wanna kiss you on the Golden Gate / Hold your hand on the top of the Empire State / Come on baby we don't have to wait / So whatcha say, whatcha say.

Green shag carpet, rear wheel drive / Ladder on the back and a stripe on the side / Old Frigidaire full of beer on ice / We'll go for a ride, nationwide.

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