With Striking Matches, the sneaking suspicions of a jilted lover never sounded so good. “Hanging on a Lie” is the debut single from Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmerman, and while they may be newcomers, they sound like seasoned pros.

Skilled songwriters and performers, the Nashville-based duo have created an edgy new sound that’s sure to delight listeners, whether they’re fans of traditional country or not.

Written by Davis and Zimmerman, “Hanging on a Lie” is a classic-enough theme in country music. Songs about shady significant others are nothing news, as Carrie Underwood and at least ten other artists can attest. And in many ways, "Hanging on a Lie" seamlessly fits with the "are you or aren't you?" songs about cheating lovers.

"Whatcha' hiding? Where you running? / Baby you've been up to something / Don't you tell me it's not what it looks like."

But Striking Matches have put a new spin on the well-known tale of woe — they're not sticking around long enough for infidelity to be revealed. They're getting out. They're not going to get caught hanging on a lie.

"Think you made your great escape / But I'll be the one that got away / When you finally figure it out you won't find me."

And while Underwood gets her revenge with a baseball bat, Davis and Zimmerman get theirs with indicting lyrics and phenomenal guitar playing. While "Hanging on a Lie" is grounded by a beautifully simple mandolin progression, the song finds its legs through dueling guitar licks that reveal two performers who have truly mastered their craft. Zimmerman's vocals shine, sounding scathing and smooth all at the same time, making even her sharpest accusations ("I might have been naive, but I'm not blind") sound like honey. And Davis's harmonies, both instrumentally and vocally, add a layer of complexity to the song, while still maintaining its edgy and raw vibe.

Seamlessly blending country, bluegrass and rock 'n' roll, “Hanging on a Lie” sounds unlike anything that’s currently on country radio. It may even sound unlike anything that’s currently on any radio.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Hanging on a Lie" is the perfect song for anyone who's ready to spit out the bad taste of a cheating lover and move on with their life. With scathing lyrics and stellar musicianship, this is a breakup song that's just devilishly fun to listen to.

Key Lyrics: "Don't you know you should know better than this / Then to cover up the truth with your poisonous lips / I'm not falling for it this time / Try and try too little too late / Better open up your mouth if you got something to say / Don't keep me waiting  / Don't leave me hanging on a lie."

Did You Know? Striking Matches may be newcomers to country radio, but they've made Taste of Country's Artists to Watch list not once, but two years in a row! With a half-dozen songwriting credits on the hit show 'Nashville' and a debut album release on March 24, the duo may see their name in lights more than a few times in 2015.

Listen to Striking Matches, "Hanging on a Lie"

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