Striking Matches' debut album has seemingly been in the pipeline since the Bush administration. On March 24, the country duo (and their grassroots base of zealous supporters) will be rewarded with 'Nothing But the Silence,' a diverse, gritty mix of styles and sounds.

Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis previewed all 11 songs for Taste of Country and select media last week in Nashville. The T Bone Burnett-produced project was recorded at the House of Blues Studio in Nashville -- an appropriate choice, as blues is one of the many genres they lean heavily into. 'Make a Liar Out of Me' is the clear example. Zimmerman steals the spotlight here with a guitar solo that will put jaws on the floor.

There are comparisons to the Civil Wars to be made on songs like 'Nothing But the Silence' and Lady Antebellum comparisons to be drawn on the peppy 'Miss Me More.' As an album, the project is truly unique, however. The Matches say they didn't set out to make a country record necessarily, just a record that represents their talents and influences.

Fans may already know tracks like 'When the Right One Comes Along.' It's one of eight the group has provided for ABC's 'Nashville.' Others like 'Trouble Is as Trouble Does' gained some popularity in 2013 and 2014 via streaming and YouTube. Last year, they were the No. 3 artist on Taste of Country's Artists to Watch list, a list that is currently being rolled out for 2015 (hint, hint).

The duo have enjoyed some international success while working to record this project. They say their dream producer was the legendary Burnett, and somehow, it came true. Burnett admits that during his time as executive music producer of 'Nashville,' Striking Matches songs were among the few he chose that he actually liked. The 67-year-old songwriter, Grammy winner and innovator worked the room during last week's event, smiling as the crowd responded with applause. There was plenty to smile about.

Striking Matches, 'Nothing But the Silence' Track Listing:

1. 'Trouble Is as Trouble Does'
2. 'Make a Liar Out of Me'
3. 'Nothing But the Silence'
4. 'Hanging on a Lie'
5. 'Never Gonna Love Again'
6. 'When the Right One Comes Along'
7. 'What a Broken Heart Feels Like'
8. 'Miss Me More'
9. 'Like Lovers'
10. 'Missing You Tonight'
11. God and You'

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