Sunny Sweeney called into K-FROG to chat about her home life, where she got her awesome name and her upcoming tour with Brad Paisley.

The Texas native, who calls Austin home, disclosed that when she's out on the road her mother plays her music for her dogs. "One of my dogs, we swear, is part person," Sweeney tells listeners. "This is so stupid, but I promise you this is the truth. She sits like a man -- she sits up and her bottom legs poke out -- it looks like she's sitting straight up. Then my mom will play my song for her and her ears will perk up. It's totally weird, and I'm not kidding you, she doesn't do it to any other song but mine," the 'From A Table Away' singer gushes, adding, "I'm closer to my dogs than pretty much anybody else on the earth."

But Sweeney also has close ties to her great uncle, for whom she was named. "That's my given name. I'm named after my Uncle Sunny," Sweeney admits. "He's cool. He's my mom's uncle, but he's probably 82 now and he still runs in marathons, so that's cool. He's in much better shape than I am," she says with a laugh.

Sweeney will need to get into shape soon if she wants to keep up with Paisley. The two will head out on the road together at the end of May. "Yee-haw, isn't that cool?" Sweeney commented. In addition to Paisley and Sweeney, the H2O II World Tour -- which kicks off on May 28 in Pittsburgh -- boasts Blake Shelton, Jerrod Niemann, Brent Anderson and Edens Edge.