Remember the photo that Sunny Sweeney captured of a soldier and civilian praying together at the airport? It went viral, and as a result, the soldier was identified. Now, the country singer is learning even more about soldier Michael Barth and the background behind the picture ... and it's amazing.

The beautiful, heartwarming photograph Sweeney captured spread like wildfire. It even hit home for the singer, as her husband is an active duty police officer and Air Force veteran. Needless to say, she knows how much those moments -- those emotional embraces -- mean. But the story continues to unfold.

This week, Sweeney posted a new video on her Facebook page showing the reason why the soldier was going home in the first place.

"Never in a million years did I think the moment I shared would make it all the way to the soldier that it was about. But thanks to y'all, it did!" she writes. "I also had no idea that Michael was traveling home to surprise his mom and neither did she ... Just a touching video."

The clip shows the moment that Barth surprised his mom. He walks through the house with a video camera following him (and a barking dog) until he reaches the back bedroom, where his mom is. She puts her hand over her mouth and gasps in disbelief. "Oh my God!" she exclaims, pulling her son into a tight hug. She begins crying as he tells her, "Hi mom. I love you."

Barth's mom isn't the only one excited, of course. The continues barking, proving that even the furriest of friends get excited to see their favorite soldier return home. Don't forget the tissues when watching this incredibly touching video.

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