Lennon and Maisy

Lennon and Maisy Gush Over Meeting Taylor Swift
Lennon and Maisy Stella are only 14 and 9, respectively, but they've already experienced lots of excitement in their short lives. In a new interview, the 'Nashville' stars and real-life sisters gush over meeting superstar Taylor Swift and spill the beans on their co-star crushes.
Hateful Letter Left for Parents of Autistic Boy
A family friend of singers and 'Nashville' actors Lennon and Maisy Stella recently received a letter about their autistic teenager that has left neighbors, activists and just about anyone who reads it furious. Note: The language may offend some readers.
Lennon and Maisy vs. Tyler Farr – The Showdown
Scotty McCreery's 'See You Tonight' won its fifth straight Taste of Country Showdown this week, meaning the song is retired to the Showdown Hall of Fame and two new challengers will square of today, and through the weekend. Adorable sister duo Lennon and Maisy (you know them from &apo…

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