Balancing schoolwork and filming schedules can be difficult for many teenage stars, but 15-year-old Lennon Stella seems to have it down to a T.

The Ontario native — who plays Maddie Conrad on ABC’s hit show Nashville — rotates between working with an on-set tutor when she’s filming, and going to public school when she’s not filming. Her 10-year-old sister, Maisy, who also plays her sister on the show, follows a similar schedule.

"We have a tutor on the set,” Stella explains. “When we’re not filming I go to public school, and Maisy does the same." Because of their busy filming schedules, the pair spends about half of their time in school and half of their time filming the show.

Although their routine can be somewhat hectic, Stella believes that it’s the best way to maintain normalcy. “It’s the best way to keep it so we’re totally normal and I can go do normal things with friends,” she says. “It works for both of us, absolutely.”

The down-to-earth sisters first rose to fame when they uploaded a cover of Robyn’s song “Call Your Girlfriend” to their YouTube channel in 2012. The video was viewed millions of times and led to an opportunity to perform on Good Morning America. A few months later, they began starring in ABC’s popular musical drama, Nashville. In addition to acting and performing their own music, both girls love shopping and spending time with friends.

Nashville returned to ABC with all-new episodes on Feb. 4.

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