'Nashville' stars Lennon and Maisy took a step away from country music with their most recent cover. The adorable duo gave a big upbeat hit a stripped down acoustic remake, and it's so beautiful, you may be moved to tears.

'Boom Clap' was a breakout hit for Charli XCX, a British musician, and it's already looking like a viral success for Lennon and Maisy, too. In Charli XCX's version, the beats are loud, the feelings are infectious and you can't help but sing along. Lennon and Maisy flipped it on its head and made it something even more amazing and unexpected.

In the clip, Lennon Stella kicks off the vocals while strumming her blue guitar in a simple white room. Younger sister Maisy joins in on the harmony, and we're quickly reminded just how talented these two girls are. This is one worth sharing.

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