Nashville is known for its amazing music, edge-of-your-seat drama and all-star cast. But two of its young stars, Lennon and Maisy Stella, reveal that the behind-the-scenes camaraderie is just one of the many elements that make the show successful.

Maisy, who plays Daphne on the show, tells Taste of Country on the set of the CMT drama how when she was younger and would watch interviews where actors would say the cast was like a big family, she wasn’t buying it. However, she’s now discovered being on Nashville that the family-like atmosphere does exist. “There’s not one cast member on the show that we just don’t adore, we just love everyone here on set,” she says. “It is the best environment that you could be in…it’s always light and fun and everyone is so, so nice.”

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“The people, just learning from them acting-wise, but learning from them as humans…we’re just surrounded by really really awesome cast and really really awesome crew, so we have been extremely fortunate, to say the least,” echoes sister Lennon.

The two girls have grown up on the show, and while it’s been a rewarding experience, growing up in the public eye also come with its challenges. “I’ve definitely gained friends, but I’ve definitely lost friends,” Maisy admits, adding that she went to public school up until sixth grade. “It was weird being in public school and also filming -- it was also insanely stressful,” she says of trying to balance a hectic schedule between homework, tests and being on set.

“Obviously it has its challenges, there are pieces of it that can be kind of hard about growing up on camera,” agrees Lennon. “But for the most part, the show has been just been the most amazing experience for us.”

Nashville returns Thursday (Jan. 5) on its new home on CMT at 9PM ET.

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