Rosanne Cash

The Pros and Cons of Spotify
There's no question that Spotify is becoming more and more of a marketplace force in country music and beyond, despite much controversy among the artistic community. But will it be the ruin of the music business, as some have suggested — or its savior?
Rosanne Cash Performs 'Etta's Tune'
Rosanne Cash has released what she calls her best album ever. The 14 songs on 'The River and the Thread' tell raw stories of the southern Delta and were inspired by several trips to the area with husband and collaborator John Leventhal. The paired recently performed three songs during an i…
Discover America Commercial – What’s the Song?
In a move that will inspire the wanderlust in everyone, Discover America released a global tourism campaign for the U.S. The 60-second commercial displays scenes of some of the most beautiful places in America, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the French Quarter to the Big Apple. But what kind of song…