Taylor Swift's 'Begin Again' video finds her going from mopey and melancholy, to hopeful and optimistic about love's possibilities. The clip was filmed in Paris, and the singer saunters around the city in very European dress. At a cafe (presumably on a Wednesday), the video's lead actor catches her attention. 

The clip is now airing on country music TV stations in several daily time slots. Following the fun -- and somewhat silly -- 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' shoot, Swift lives through the scenes of heartbreak until a dark-haired actor type (who looks just a little like Jake Gyllenhaal) makes her acquaintance in 'Begin Again.'

Then, a warm breeze begins to flow through her lavender dress. The change of clothes leads to a change in mood for this artistic video.

'Begin Again' is the second single from Swift's new album 'Red,' which is in stores and available online now. This song -- the last on the album -- is about the final end of one (bad) relationship and the beginning of another more positive one. What better place than the city of love to film such a romantic clip?