It's clear that Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' video will only continue the popularity of the record-setting single. The clip, which premiered across many major networks on Aug. 30, is a blend of pent-up rage, total randomness, odd splashes of color and Taylor Swift's genuine nature -- shot all in one take, with one camera.

As the video opens, we find the 22-year-old songstress sitting in her living room in PJs, reminiscing about her broken relationship -- the one she is like never, ever going to reconsider. Next thing we know, her ex is in her living room, but true to her word, out the door he goes… and in a snap, a fuzzy animal jam (Swift's bandmates in silly costumes) kicks off in her living room. At bedtime, no less.

In the next scene, on-the-rocks the pair are seated at the kitchen table, 'enjoying' coffee, with the singer obviously giving up on love while her soon-to-be ex listens to "some indie record that's much cooler" than Swift's. While he's out partying in bars with other girls, she's getting so over it, and she makes that known. When they're driving down the street in a cardboard car, she's mentally and verbally moving on... While her band members goofily strum along in the back of the vehicle.

Romance and "never say never" are so yesterday in this video. Every time Swift's mystery man comes around, begging her back, she shuts the door on the possibility of more kisses and hurt. Until the next album, anyway.

Despite heavy undertones of hurt and broken relationships, Swift's 'WANEGBT' video is pretty light and fun... and kind of feels like a page pulled from an Anthropologie catalog. It was appropriately Swift that the clip was shot in the old MGM Studios lot -- where classic films like 'Wizard of Oz' were made.

"It felt really big time, I'm not gonna lie to you," Swift gushed to CMT during a pre-premiere interview. "Driving into this movie studio lot, where you know inside those buildings -- that's where the classics were shot -- it was crazy. I felt cool… for the day. I loved it."

Swift's 'Red' album will make its debut on Oct. 22.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' Video

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