The 2014 American Music Awards kicked off with a bang ... a big, crazy bang! A very crazy version of Taylor Swift launched the awards show with a world premiere live performance of 'Blank Space.'

Swift took to Twitter a couple of hours before her appearance, telling fans they should watch because it would be crazy. "No like, actually crazy," she insisted -- and she wasn't lying.

Host Pitbull introduced Swift, announcing that she currently holds the No. 1 song in America. The performance started with the songstress seated at a dining table across from an attractive man, similar to the music video for 'Blank Space.' The table was inside a picture frame that eventually came to the ground so that Swift could walk out of it, and she did so stunning in a gold sequined top and long gold skirt.

It didn't take long for the singer to start going a little ... well, crazy. She handed her suitor an apple, gave him a giant shove and he was done for. Swift then moved to another part of the stage and ignited the pyrotechnics when she lit a rose on fire. Soon, another suitor was in another picture frame. And suddenly, Swift transformed from pretty blonde to all-out crazy girl.

The craziness was met with a wardrobe change when she ripped off her skirt, showing the top's fringed bottom, before pushing this second suitor through the air in front of a stage lit on fire. Swift's emotions became more and more real toward the end of the song, with the now-pop princess actually acting out the words on the ground.

The crazy 'Blank Space' performance ended with a knock on a red door ... another unsuspecting man soon to meet his demise.

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