Taylor Swift is lucky in love lately, and she says she has an unlikely person to thank. Swift reveals that Lady Gaga cast a "magical spell" that brought her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, to her.

It all began on Twitter this past March, when Gaga had the premonition that love was headed Swift's way. The former country star had used the social media site to comment that Gaga was "really living right now," and the "Paparazzi" superstar responded, telling Swift: "Wow you're a sweetheart! Life is friends, family, and love! We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!"

Apparently she has a feeling about these things, because Mother Monster was right! It was only a few weeks after the Twitter exchange that Swift met Harris, and it's been happily ever after since. Swift shared the cute story with her Twitter followers after a Swiftie said he felt like he was behind in his life as a rom-com. She let him in on her little secret — the power of Gaga — saying she gives "good love luck."

The Twitter conversation between two of the world's biggest music acts wasn't over there, though. Gaga continued by telling Swift she's proud to cast these happy spells, unless it's for someone with whom she has a little "Bad Blood."

But Gaga is far from the only one happy for Swift, who seems to have found her Mr. Right. Fans continually gush and aww over the relationship. Harris seems smitten, too — in a recent interview, he remarked that Swift checks boxes he "didn't even know existed."

Swift is currently out on her 1989 world tour.

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