Taylor Swift recently decided to say thanks to her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, in a big way -- by purchasing them a (more than) million dollar home in Nashville.

It's no secret that the 21-year-old 'Mean' superstar has a little extra change in her pocket, but a new home -- even for your parents -- is a pretty generous gift. "It’s an incredible house," a source close to Swift says in the latest Us Weekly. "Taylor’s been visiting her parents there and she’s so excited for them."

Allegedly, the $1.4 million home, built in the 1920s and recently renovated, boasts only three bedrooms but 5,000 sq. ft. of space, as well as an oversized outdoor fireplace.

The young country-pop singer dropped a big bill on her parents' new residence, but that's not all. According to another insider, she also bought a home in Los Angeles for herself. "Taylor just bought a beautiful home for herself in L.A.," the unnamed source says. "She is in L.A. so much -- and she was paying a fortune in hotel charges!"

No word on how much Swift put down on her own home, but we'd place bets that it was a good deal more than she did in down-home Nashville. Read more about the Grammy winner's new digs in the latest issue of Us Weekly (with Carrie Underwood on the cover), on newsstands now.