Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift got to see what they'd look like as cartoons on Sunday night's (March 16) episode of 'Family Guy.' When Peter and the gang decide to take a trip to Nashville to find God following a heartbreaking Patriots loss, they stumble across the two country superstars at the Country Music Awards.

Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland are en route to Music City on their search for God when they see a newspaper headline about Underwood and her relationship with the man upstairs: 'Carrie Underwood Credits Her Success to Personal Relationship With God.' So, they head to the CMAs to find her!

But the first country superstar they see is Swift, wearing blue and tuning her guitar. “Hey look! There’s Taylor Swift! And there’s Taylor Not-So-Swift," Peter says as he sees the blonde cartoon, standing next to a bigger twin who is ... less than put together.

When the gang finds Underwood, they get straight to the point: “In that song ‘Jesus Take the Wheel,’ was that like the real Jesus or was it just some Mexican guy?" Peter asks the singer.

Underwood seems a little annoyed by the question and can't quite figure out where to tell the 'Family Guy' guys that God may be. As they walk away, Jesus appears and has a few words with the songstress.

“Hey! You know I don’t like you talking to other guys…" the Jesus cartoon says. Underwood apologizes as Jesus asks for money. “Give me 40 bucks," he says, adding hilariously, "I want to buy a Toby Keith hat."

And just like that, the 'Family Guy' group is back on their search, leaving country music in the dust.