No one loves cats more than Taylor Swift. Now the proud owner of not one, but two Scottish Fold kitties, it was only a matter of time before the superstar gave us a peek at the hilarity she experiences daily ...

In the funny photo, Swift's newest cat, Olivia Benson -- the white, most adorably tiny fluff of fur you've ever seen -- is seen lounging on a blanket, her blue eyes open wide in a bit of a panic, it seems. A foot or two behind her is Meredith, looking ready to pounce on the young newbie. The singer captioned the photo with: "It's right behind me ... isn't it ..." giving hilarious voice to Olivia's clear trepidation.

While Meredith appears to be the tiniest bit jealous of the new cat in Swift's life, there's no doubt the 'Red' hitmaker has room in her heart for both kitties. How could she not? Plus, Meredith should remember that as the 'first born,' she made Swift a cat mama, forever cementing her place on the singer's bed, bus and plane.

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