Taylor Swift gets caught dancing to other artists' performances during awards shows often, but it's rare that she dances onstage with them. But on Wednesday night (July 30), she did just that.

Swift and her gal pal, model Karlie Kloss, both showed up for singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson's show in New York City, which was part of Central Park's annual Summerstage event. When Michaelson performed her song 'Afterlife,' fans in the audience got more star than they'd expected, when Swift and Kloss hopped on stage with the singer (and others) for a little dance number.

As you can see from the video, Swift seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, jumping up and down in a black short romper. It even appears at one point that she's playing the air drum and singing a few words to herself while dancing the night away -- a true girl who just wants to have fun. Naturally, fans in attendance at the show took the opportunity to capture the dance party on their phones, later uploading to various social media sites for us all to enjoy.

Ingrid Michaelson even took to her own social media accounts to post her photos of the star-studded evening. She posed with Swift for a selfie and added a few pics of the show itself.

"Central Park Summerstage was amazing. Great friends. Great guests. Great audience. I'm so thankful. And hungover," she wrote with the photos.

It seems Swift and Kloss have been growing close lately -- they even spent July 4 together, and the pop-country songstress posted a photo on her Instagram that weekend, calling it a "Family Portrait." See more from the gal pals below.

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