Taylor Swift is touring overseas, but it’s not all work and no play for one of country’s biggest stars, as she spent last night, March 31, engaging in a little recreational, extracurricular activity: seeing emotional rock act Dashboard Confessional perform acoustically, and screaming lyrics to the songs in the van on the way there! Oh, Taylor. She's not that much different than the rest of us when all is said and done.

Swift geeked out about Dashboard Confessional over Twitter via a series of fangirl tweets last night. First, she tweeted: "We are SCREAMING the lyrics to Dashboard Confessional songs in the van. A capella. 'AND YOU KISSED! ME! LIKE! YOU! MEANT ITTTT.' Good times."

She followed that revelatory tweet up with this message: "At an acoustic Dashboard Confessional concert! Where is @abiander to relive our high school car ride singalongs?"

Swift even posted a photo of herself and Dashboard Confessional braintrust Chris Carrabba, presumably taken after the show. Swift is known for opening up about her personal life in her lyrics, so maybe one day she'll pen a song about how much she hearts Dashboard Confessional.

Earlier this week, Swift announced that she has surpassed the 20 million albums sold mark in her career. At 21-years-old, that's a massive feat that takes most artists a lifetime to achieve, and she should be proud of herself!