Taylor Swift's love of rap music is well-documented. The singer showed off her skills in the genre by covering about a minute of Eminem's classic cut 'Lose Yourself,' which was featured in his movie '8 Mile.'

Swift -- or should we refer to her as T. Swizzle? -- engaged in this impromptu "acoustic" cover of this thoroughly tough and popular Eminem song while on air with a radio station in Pittsburgh. Although the tape was cut in 2006, when Swift was 16, it began circulating on the web again this week.

Nevertheless, she inarguably has hip-hop chops and she spit rhymes with amazing vocal dexterity while strumming on her trusty guitar. Sure, she lacked the same diction and intensity of Eminem, since it's his song, but she gave it the old college try -- and it wound up being pretty cute.

Clearly, Swift is a fan of the song, since she didn't get tongue-tied while rapid-firing the words, of which there were plenty.

Swift has performed with B.o.B., also appearing on his album. She has invited plenty of rappers, like T.I., to join her on stage on previous tours. She also rapped 'Thug Story,' a send up of her own 'Love Story,' with T-Pain a few years back, something people still talk about.

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