Superstar Taylor Swift so often uses her fame for good, as evidenced by the many times she's connected with fans who are having a rough time in life. Who could forget the beaming smile of Kevin McGuire or the sweet 7-year-old girl that Swift brought onstage? The singer continues to be proactive in giving her fans moments to remember, as she recently visited a fan who was hit by a car in Hollywood. 

Although she's busy working the stage on her 2013 Red Tour, Swift made sure to stop by Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to meet with the family of Lauren Murphy. The young fan was hit by a car while on an early morning run in Hollywood on April 19.

Murphy, a beautiful blonde who hails from St. Louis, Mo., has six siblings between the ages of 11 and 26, according to her recover fund page. She had an emergency lobectomy to remove a portion of her left frontal lobe and a piece of her skull so that pressure could be relieved and is in extremely critical, but stable condition.

Somehow, Swift heard about Murphy and decided to surprise her family and friends at the hospital by stopping by to say hello as they wait anxiously for her to get well. They said that the young victim is “going to be so mad that she was not awake” to meet the star. When Murphy is fully recovered, Swift will to invite her to one her concerts or performances -- giving her a night to really remember.

In the meantime, the singer's visit probably helped boost the spirits of the Murphy family in a deeply touching way. Here's to hoping that Murphy's recovery will be strong, and she will soon be dancing around to Swift's hit songs!