Given all the publicity and media attention that Taylor Swift got for plunking down $17 million in cash for a sprawling, beachfront mansion in Rhode Island last month, it's no surprise than an obsessed fan scouted the location in hopes of making her acquaintance.

A Swift devotee was arrested for trespassing near the shorefront estate Wednesday morning (May 15) after he allegedly swam up to it.

TMZ reports that the fan, a 22-year-old from Chicago, was taken into custody after he admitted to swimming to the beach in front of the gorgeous piece of real estate around 2AM.

Cops had spotted the man getting out of the water around 2:20AM about a mile from Swift's home. The authorities approached him to inquire what he was doing in the water, which is when he revealed that he was swimming with the intention of meeting Swift.

The unnamed fan confessed to swimming to the beach, but noticed her security team and promptly abandoned his plans, lapping his way back to his original location. It was a two-mile trip in total -- and in cold water. That's nothing if not dedicated. It's also scary, since he was able to find out where Swift lives, almost breached security and went to extreme measures to try and meet the 'Begin Again' singer.

The police booked the man for trespassing and transported him to a local police station. As of press time, he remains in custody. The Westerly Police Department told TMZ that it adopts "a zero tolerance policy for trespassers." They have already met with Swift's security detail to discuss the situation.

While it has not been confirmed that the superstar was home at the time of the trespassing, she is on a break from her 2013 Red Tour, which continues Thursday night in Houston.