It's a swing and a miss again for Taylor Swift fans and media outlets who want to see the starlet latched on to a star. Harry Styles, member of the 5-piece British-Irish boy band One Direction, did in fact meet Miss Swift stateside, but though he even describes her as "nice," it looks like diehard fans are going to have to throw the line back into the water and wait for another bite. No wedding bells (or even dating bells) here, guys.

According to, rumors were circulating that Swift told writing chum Justin Bieber that she had developed a little thing for the One Direction singer after she met him at the Kids' Choice Awards in March. Dispelling the rumors this time was not Swift herself, but actually Styles, who told Australian newspaper the Herald Sun that they weren't founded.

"We met in America, she's very nice, yes," he said, confirming however that the pair have been texting. "She is very talented... She's very nice... We're friends." While the 'Ours' singer is usually left to dispel her own dating rumors or let them lie, it seems that Styles' crazed fans are just as eager to link him to a famous starlet. Since the singer has been in the US promoting the band's new album 'Up All Night,' 18-year-old Styles has been fitted with singer Lily Halpern, photographer Sarah-Louise Colivet and even Jillian Harris, a former Bachelorette who is actually 14 years his senior.

For her part, Swift is probably not even paying attention to the rumor, as she has likely come to expect a trail of what ifs to follow her every time she so much as says hello to a member of the male species -- much like what happened when she was spotted with Tim Tebow. Plus, she keeps pretty busy and is currently in the studio cooking up her next record.

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