Throughout her career, we've seen Taylor Swift courted by a few big-time stars. In her younger days, she and Joe Jonas were a serious item, while she's since been tied to John Mayer and even Tim Tebow (though, that was just a rumor). And who could forget the paparazzi shots of Swift cuddling up to Jake Gyllenhaal in her hometown of Nashville? Now, the gossip columnists have us believing that country music's most eligible bachelorette may have her eye on One Direction member Harry Styles.

Truth be told, the back story sounds a lot like a bunch of he-said-she-said. And surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), Justin Bieber is at the center of it. After bringing the country sweetheart to tears on 'Punk'd,' the Biebs reportedly spoke up that he knows a big-time celebrity who is crushing on Styles. Unfortunately, he also said he's "sworn to secrecy," but it's not too hard to guess who he was referring to.

And other sources say it's true. According to the Press Association, a source said, “Taylor is a huge One Direction fan and was excitedly bopping along to the boys when they performed on stage [at the Kids' Choice Awards.] Then she was chatting to Justin and told him how hot she found Harry.”

Country fans might find themselves asking, "Who the heck is Harry Styles?" The 18-year-old is a member of One Direction, a British-Irish boy band who got their start after appearing on 'The X- Factor' and signing to Simon Cowell's label.

It's hard to say what will happen between Swift and Styles from here, but we know one thing for sure: Both of these young stars are single -- so it might only be a matter of time. At the very least, the media will have a field day with this one.

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