Taylor Swift wasn't immediately affected by Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that battered the East Coast and NYC two weeks ago. However, the singer has fond memories of the Jersey Shore, since she spent her summers there as a kid. Swift was born in an area of Pennsylvania that isn't far from the epicenter of much of the storm's damage, so she has a connection to the region, and she wants to help restore life and business in the area.

MTV has launched an awareness and funds campaign called Restore the Shore with Architecture for Humanity, which is set for air Nov. 15 at 11PM ET. Swift recorded a video sending her love and support to the many victims of the natural disaster.

"As a kid, I spent my summers at the Shore, and I have so many amazing memories for that time in my life," Swift said in the video. "So I'm sending all my love and support to all the people in New Jersey who suffered through Hurricane Sandy. It's time to restore the shore."

Amen to that! It's a sweet gesture on Swift's part and hearing words of encouragement and support from a superstar is likely a nice salve for the many victims of the storm.

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