It was 'Trouble' Down Under for Taylor Swift.

The 'Begin Again' hitmaker performed a stripped-down, intimate, acoustic version of her new pop single 'I Knew You Were Trouble' for Fifi and Jules, a popular drive time radio show in Australia. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can enjoy it like you were there, front and center as Swift cradled her guitar and spun her latest tale of heartbreak.

Looking summery in a spaghetti strap flowered sundress, Swift performed the song seated on a stool, strumming her trusty guitar while surrounded by two other guitarists. Even though it was a bare bones version, she gave off a full sound with three instruments and her voice.

We'll give it to Swift. She sounded flawless in this execution, which really let the songwriting shine. The studio version, which can be found on her Oct. 2012 album 'Red,' has some effects on her vocals, but here, all of that falls away and she is able to belt out the words, which detail how she should have known better for getting involved with a bad boy -- something she has admitted to struggling with.

Notice that when she sings the "trouble, trouble, trouble" part in the chorus, she grits her teeth to create a similar effect to that of the album version. It's an interesting way to recreate a sound.

This performance only serves to get fans excited for when she brings her 2013 Red Tour to the U.S.