Taylor Swift is thoroughly enjoying her life in the spotlight, and what else could she really need? The chart-topping songstress has millions of fans, countless awards and even more hit singles. And though she doesn't currently have a boyfriend, Swift told '60 Minutes' that one day she'd love to be married with kids -- lots of kids.

In their time together, the 'Love Story' songstress told interviewer Lesley Stahl lots of things, like how she doesn't dabble in the liquor cabinet or smoke anything, and that she sees herself as a role model raising the next generation. That's why, Swift says, she's not willing to go to great lengths to keep her famous life and private life separate. She just lives.

"It's like, 20 seconds of your day to get a picture with someone. So you can live your life, you can get pictures with fans, you can, you know, stop for a minute," the CMA Entertainer of the Year remarked in a segment of the show that didn't air on TV. "They've given me a lot more than I ever expected to have in this life, so a minute of your time isn't that much to ask."

Swift allegedly told Stahl upwards of five times that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but she insists she's happy being alone for now. "I'm good being alone. I don't want to ever be one of those people who just needs a boyfriend all the time," she said, adding very enthusiastically that she definitely wants to get married someday.

As for whether or not she wants kids, Swift spilled that she wants "like 10 of them. So many kids -- like an army of kids."

Watch Taylor Swift Talk Fame and Future Family Plans on '60 Minutes'