Taylor Swift has shown us that she really loves dancing (as everyone saw at the Grammy Awards), and coming up, she'll be performing on the popular BBC show 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief.' 

While Swift won't be donning her dancing shoes this time, she will be performing with what we know her for: her voice. The 'Begin Again' singer is set to appear on the pre-taped show on March 2, according to B98.5, and will be one of the two major music acts on the episode -- the other group being A Chorus Line.

On the show, celebrities and media personalities perform famous dance routines, all in the name of charity, and the winner is chosen by audience vote. We already know that Swift is highly involved in many different charities, as she was named the most charitable celebrity of 2012, and we can't wait to hear what song she'll perform to help rake the money in.

Who knows, with all of Swift's involvement in charity work, maybe she'll be named most charitable celebrity of 2013, too!

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