Let the world rejoice, because Taylor Swift's humungous secret has been confirmed! Swift will appear to fans worldwide via a live stream from New York City.

The exclusive Yahoo event will take place Monday, Aug. 18 at 5PM ET. Now that those details have been revealed, the star's mysterious social media hints make so much more sense.

The first clue of Swift pressing number 18 in an elevator ended up being the date of the steam. That screenshot of her kitten at exactly 5PM? The time the stream will take place, of course, while the watercolor of the NYC skyline was actually a subtle hint to the location. The final clue -- a snapshot of Yahoo's website -- sealed the deal. Plus, the accidental spill of the singer's live stream on Yahoo helped with the missing piece of the puzzle.

Now, the question is, what will her live stream entail? The best answer would be what everyone's hoping for: a new record. After all, she's been hard at work on a new album, and her previous album 'Red' was released Oct. 22, 2012, making the timing for fresh music from Swift just about perfect.

The seven-time Grammy-winning songstress definitely has more secrets up her sleeve. And Swifties don't have to wait long to hear them from the universal sweetheart. Be sure to tune in to Yahoo Screen or GMA at 5PM ET on Monday, Aug. 18.

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