Taylor Swift celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday (Dec. 13) and while we're sure her friends, family and fans showered the beloved singer with presents of all sorts, a fellow musician gave her a gift that keeps on giving and one that she directly inspired.

Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba and his alt/folk band Twin Forks covered Swift's much-loved song 'Mean.'

Carrabba, a pioneer in the "emo" genre, certainly turned in an emotional, sincere and heartfelt version of Swift's song about triumphing over the mean people (like critics) who've taken shots at her.

It's a sweet and honeyed version, but it's also got a little twang, too. This cover certainly honors the spirit of the original. It's a rendition that we're pretty sure Swift herself would approve of, since she is reportedly a fan of Carrabba's work.

It's also a testament to her songwriting prowess when her songs can be reimagined in other genres and still retain their signature, familiar sound.

Happy birthday once again, Miss Swift!

Listen to Twin Forks Cover of Taylor Swift 'Mean'