The Video of the Year was the biggest and most anticipated prize of the night for the 2011 CMT Music Awards, and the honor was awarded to Taylor Swift for her 'Mine' video.

2011 CMT Awards host Kid Rock announced the award, and when he opened the envelope, his reaction was 'No way!' He announced Swift's name, but she was unable to accept her buckle in person, since she is smack dab in the middle of her Speak Now Tour. She was onstage in Milwaukee when she found out she won, as the CMT Awards cut to a live feed of Swift, standing in front of thousands of screaming fans who were jumping up and down with joy over their heroine's big win!

"You hear that you guys?" she asked the crowd, post-announcement. "Oh my gosh, I just want to say 'thank You' and 'hey' to everyone back at the CMT Awards. I wish I could be there but I am hanging out with 15,000 of my closet friends in Milwaukee." Swift surely knows how to work a crowd. She also proceeded to thank "all the little kids in the video, and the fans who voted."

Her next statement was a sweet show of gratitude to her fans. She said, "I don't know what I did to deserve you guys." She said something else, but the digital feed from Milwaukee broke up a little and we didn't get to hear her final sentence ... but we got the point! Swift's signature  genuinely shocked expression, which she employs whenever she picks up a new award, and her breathless "thank you" to her fans relayed how unbelievably psyched she was to win the award.

Taylor Swift is like country music's Lady Gaga. While she doesn't call her fans "little monsters" like Gaga does, Swift displays an unrivaled passionate and love for her fans, which she is not afraid to express to them, like she did tonight.

Congrats to Taylor Swift on the big win, which she shared with thousands of her closest fans!

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Mine' Video