Following a banjo-pickin' performance of her hit single 'Mean' at the ACMs, Taylor Swift keeps strumming along to offer a most sincere form of flattery to British indie rockers Mumford and Sons on her Taylor guitar. The 21-year-old pop-country blend laid down a soulful rendition of the band's song 'White Blank Page' for BBC.

Mumford and Sons' popularity is on a steady rise, and it's sure to skyrocket after folk fans and Swift fans alike get their ears on this version. Love her or hate her, Swift gives this cover of 'White Blank Page' a lot of heart -- and more than just a little bit of justice.

It's easy to see why the 'Love Story' songstress herself has garnered such respect. She's sold 20 million of her own records and is the No. 1 digitally downloaded artist of all time, a big feat for such a young performer. But besides that, she has elegant taste in music -- and this Mumford and Sons performance proves it.

See Taylor Swift Cover Mumford and Sons' 'White Blank Page'

Watch Mumford and Sons Perform 'White Blank Page'