As a Grammy Award-winning songstress, Taylor Swift is recognizable to millions of people. But sometimes, it gets a little confusing -- the singer was recently named next of kin to someone she's never even met.

The Tennessean reports that the man who named Swift next of kin was the late Michael Callan of Windsor, Ontario. He was an aspiring pilot of a small, private plane that devastatingly crashed and burned on Oct. 29 at Nashville International Airport after trying to land in dense fog -- although authorities are still trying to put together all the details.

The problem is, next of kin is generally the closest living blood relative, and the 'Red' hitmaker didn't know Callan. “The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash," her publicist explains. "Taylor does not know this person.”

Callan does, however, have two sisters.

To make matters more confusing, authorities aren't sure how he flew undetected over an international border from Canada to Nashville, why he veered hundreds of miles off his flight plan, and why he turned the plane's transponder off. Additionally, his plane lay undiscovered on the runway for up to seven hours, according to USA Today.

Hopefully authorities will get everything figured out soon, as this is quite a confusing and tragic situation.

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