With everything that she has going on in her life, we're not sure how Taylor Swift has time to eat -- much less make another music video. Still, according to the pop-country starlet herself, she just wrapped day two of shooting her forthcoming new video. As rumor has it, it's a video for 'Ours.'

"About to wrap day 2 of a new music video that I can't WAIT for you to see!! While we wait, shall we all vote for the AMA's?" Swift tweeted Thursday, revealing the exciting news and encouraging her fans to vote for her at the upcoming American Music Awards.

While the 21-year-old chart-topper didn't name which new clip she's been filming, one guy who was on set couldn't help but spill the beans. "Just finished a video shoot for Taylor Swift, I'm giving her the gas face on an elevator..." Kenny Garner, a Nashville resident, tweeted, later telling a Swift fan, "It was for a song called "Our's."

While the actor/producer/director didn't include details about his involvement, context clues would tell us that he is probably acting in the 'Ours' video. He later told fans, "Hope I make the cut. I am acting in Lauren Alaina's tomorrow."

The 'Ours' video, when it makes its debut, will follow the Speak Now Tour montage that made up the 'Sparks Fly' video, released in mid-August. As for Lauren Alaina, it sounds like we should expect her 'Georgia Peaches' video to show its face soon.