On her new single 'Georgia Peaches,' Lauren Alaina sings with a self-assurance not yet exhibited in her live performances. Much like Carrie Underwood in the months following her run on 'American Idol,' the teenager has taken to the protective recording studio quicker than than the hot lights of the concert stage. If she works as tirelessly as Underwood to master both, she'll soon be a runner-up to nobody.

This Mallory Hope-penned song seems custom built for Alaina's mischievous -- yet still wholesome -- personality. It's cute without being sexy. She's sassy without being a tease. "Our shorts are a little shorter 'cause the sun’s a little hotter / Sipping lemonade while we're playing in the water," she sings before this chorus: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, ain’t nothing sweeter than us Georgia peaches / Whoa, whoa, there’s a reason why the boys pick the Georgia peaches."

The uptempo rocker will serve as a cool glass of sweet tea to anyone who felt smothered by the much heavier debut single from the 15-year-old. 'Like My Mother Does' was a touching tribute, but it left some people -- men -- feeling excluded. In the second verse, Alaina name drops, but it's not offensive.

"We grow where the grass is green / We got homegrown in our genes / We love country everything, from Alan Jackson to Aldean / We'll drive you crazy when we wink and call you baby / You don’t stand a chance once you've seen a southern lady."

'Georgia Peaches' is the first track on Alaina's new 'Wildflower' album that hits stores October 11, and it sets the tone for a project that mostly relieves her of the weight of 'Like My Mother Does.' It's the sunshine that will allow this 'Wildflower' to flourish.

Note: Song preview has been removed per record label's request.