Taylor Swift premiered her 'Ours' video on Friday, Dec. 2, and now she's sharing a 13-clip series of short videos that will bring fans behind the camera. A new vignette will be available to watch each day, beginning with webisode one below. This first behind-the-scenes glimpse at her 'Ours' video shoot pans across the set, showing goofy off-camera moments, interview clips with Swift and a brief introduction to video director Declan Whitebloom.

"Doing music videos is really fun, but it's also really challenging to think of new things," Swift admits in the video. "Typically, a director will write the treatment and they'll write the video, and then they'll direct it, too. But Declan worked so well with my storyline from 'Mean' that I knew he'd work well for my storyline for 'Ours.'"

The 'Ours' video shows Swift as a typical working girl who hates the day-to-day bore of her job and lives to daydream about love and the moments in life that really matter. The song was originally available to fans only as a bonus track on a Target-exclusive version of her latest album, 'Speak Now.' Fans took to the song so much that Swift decided to release it as an official single.

"This single is doing something that we've never done before," explains Swift. "I put this song on a bonus album. The fans found it, played it over and over again, requested it and now it's my single and it's getting its own music video. That's what I love so much about my fans: They always let the best song win."

Get a first look at the making of the 'Ours' video here, and check back on Taste of Country daily to see all 13 behind-the-scenes clips.

Watch the Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes 'Ours' Clip - Webisode One

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