Taylor Swift shows us another side of herself in her new 'Ours' video. Here, Swift plays a frumpy, office-dwelling working stiff who is incredibly sad and utterly "meh." The only thing that perks her up? Love -- or thinking about it, of course.

Just like the Academy Awards voters love when a gorgeous actress gets 'plain' for a role and plays a part that isn't pretty or glamorous, Swift does exactly that in 'Ours.' She wears a bland suit -- paired with sensible, if unfashionable, sneakers -- and her hair is unkempt and in dire need of some conditioner. She is stuck in the office tower's elevator with other sad-eyed and frowning working stiffs, none of whom are interacting with each other. The rat race can be a miserable experience.

Office cliches -- fluorescent lighting, drab paint, out-of-paper-and-toner copy machines and an annoying coworker throwing paper planes in the direction of her cubicle -- surround Swift. Everything that can go wrong does. It's not her day, nor is it her life. She starts to flash her smile when she takes a break to surf the web and views a home video of her beloved, watching herself frolic with him and play with their kitten.

She bounces from the office, makes an effort to wave to a fellow tenant and high-fives the janitor. It goes to show you that a smile and a wave can go a long, long way. She hops a bus, looks at more video memories on her iPad and hits the airport, where she reunites with her man. It turns out that he's in the military and returning home. They share a hug, and she comes alive again.

The overarching theme of the 'Ours' video is that deep down, we're all looking to connect with people, be it on the surface, in a fleeting moment or something deeper. It makes you think about engaging in conversation with that guy you ignore in the elevator every morning or making eye contact with that person on the bus and sharing a smile.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Ours' Video

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