"The story of this video is the ups and downs of this girl's day in the life," Taylor Swift begins in the video below, which is behind-the-scenes clip No. 3 of 13 from her ongoing 'Ours' web series. "This girl hates her job. It's boring, and every single day she doesn't even know what she's really doing at this job."

Any young adult who's stuck in an office job that has nothing to do with their hopes and dreams can likely relate to the scenario that Swift creates in her new 'Ours' video. The singer's character arrives at her office building, takes the elevator with others who likely hate their jobs as much as she hates her own, and settles into her cubicle for another humdrum work day.

"It's not like it's awful, but it's just ... boredom," she further explains in the making-of-the-video vignette. "It's just every day monotony."

Luckily, though, Swift's character has something to look forward to at the end of this particular day: being reunited with the man that she loves.

"I wanted it to be real life," she says as the camera pans on her sitting at her desk, wearing comfortable sneakers. Her purse and umbrella rest on the floor by her feet, providing just enough detail to make the office set realistic. Always a romantic, she gushes, "I just love the contrast of when you see somebody light up when you're with the person that they love, whereas they can be living in tones of grey when they're not."

Check out the behind-the-scenes story behind Swift's 'Ours' video character here, and make your way back to Taste of Country throughout the week as more clips from the series are unveiled.

Watch the Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes ‘Ours’ Clip – Webisode Three

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