Taylor Swift covers the new issue of Parade, looking festive in a fitted white top and red bottoms with silver tinsel as a scarf.

In the accompanying feature, Swift opens up her fears and how she has to deal with a lack of privacy, given that she's one of the best-selling artists of her generation. Despite her success, the disciple-like devotion of her fans and her God-given ability to churn out hit song after hit song, Swift remains in the clutches of fear that she'll lose everything she has worked so hard for.

“I’m scared of this whole thing backfiring,” she admits, displaying her adorable neuroses. “Or chewing me up and spitting me out, and all of a sudden, I don’t love it anymore."

That's not that uncommon of a fear, especially for someone who loves their job so much. Swift also shows an acute awareness that her position as a celebrity means that privacy is certainly a perk she rarely gets to enjoy -- but she recognizes that was a result of her decision. Her life in the public eye is partly a choice, given her career path.

The 'Begin Again' singer admittedly says she doesn't know how much privacy she is entitled to, but she knows she doesn't get much.

"I don’t get much of it. At the same time, I asked for this. I could be playing in a coffeehouse," she realizes. "I’d be happy doing that, [but] not as happy, probably. Knowing that people are going to hear the music I make is the most amazing feeling. Knowing that there are dudes waiting outside my house with cameras, hiding in the bushes, is a less awesome feeling."

Obviously, Swift has to deal with the tradeoff to do what she loves, and hey, at least she is not smashing paparazzi lenses like some of her famous peers.

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